Trolls To Face Two Years In Jail

The law in the UK is quite clear and easily enforceable when it comes to internet trolling, as set out below.

Yet North Wales Police repeatedly over a seven year period refused to act against the authorship behind the Thoughts of Oscar blog, why?

Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys was fully aware of the blogs authors since at least 2010, yet he claims that North Wales Police were unaware of the authorship, each and every time a complaint about the blog was brought to their attention, the last being in March 2013, why?

DC Don Kenyon during a criminal trial in 2010 was ordered by the presiding judge to instruct the blogs authors to stop posting material relevant to the trial on the blog for the duration of the trial, within two hours of that order DC Kenyon swore on oath that the authors had been spoken to, how did he manage that when clearly his superiors had stated before and after the trial that they didn’t know who the authors were?

PC Cawood says in an email to one of the blogs victims in 2013 ‘we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site, but it has been impossible to prove the identity of those responsible’.

DS John Hanson concluded at the end of his recent investigation into complaints made against the blog and its authors, that all the many hundreds of vile and disgusting comments published on the blog did not reach the threshold for prosecution, why?

North Wales Police continue to contradict themselves, why?

Nigel Roberts on 09-09-2014, declared he was the sole author of the blog, so why did the police not arrest him and formally interview him as part of their investigation, especially if we take into account PC Cawoods email?

We are told by Nigel Roberts’ solicitor, Dylan Moore, that Nigel Roberts passed information to North Wales Police, in other words he was a police informant. Is this why the police refuse to prosecute him?

David Jones MP for Clwyd West was a co author of the blog and is heavily connected to chief superintendent Simon Humphreys both personally and via their shared connections with the Freemasons, is this why the police refuse to prosecute?

There have been so many contradictions and lies on the part of North Wales Police, why?

Recently there has been a rise in the police issuing warnings – known as a Police Information Notice – to suspected trolls.

Offence of sending letters etc. with intent to cause distress or anxiety.

(1 ) Any person who sends to another person—

(a) a letter, electronic communication or article of any description which conveys—

(i) a message which is indecent or grossly offensive;

(ii) a threat; or

(iii) information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender; or

(b) any article or electronic communication which is, in whole or part, of an indecent or grossly offensive nature, is guilty of an offence if his purpose, or one of his purposes, in sending it is that it should, so far as falling within paragraph (a) or (b) above, cause distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom he intends that it or its contents or nature should be communicated.


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