Coincidence or Corruption

The last four months of last year saw some significant changes namely the exposing once and for all of one of the authors behind the now defunct troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

After Guto Bebb’s speech on 09-09-2014, David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, publicly stated he was the sole author of the blog, this of course is most definitely untrue, although one might say a magnanimous statement on his behalf. I mean, to take sole responsibility for such an awful blog full of hate and hurt toward others has to be either admirable or he is covering for others.

On November 12th last year during a recorded meeting with solicitor Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno, Dylan Moore openly admitted David Jones MP for Clwyd West and his business partner had been a regular author/contributor to The Thoughts of Oscar Blog.

This admission helped to confirm what I already believed and support the findings of respected private investigator Mr Mike Naughton, who had been previously employed to track down the authorship of the blog.

David Jones MP himself has publicly stated he has never had anything to do in any way with the Thoughts of Oscar blog and goes on to state ‘it would be a bonkers thing to do’, David Jones MP clearly is a liar.

Late last year I took our my findings to our local press The Daily Post and The North Wales Weekly News, who after a threat from David Jones MP refused to publish what surely is in the public interest. This did for a short time bother me, I mean why, why wouldn’t they publish as I’ve already stated a story that is clearly in the public interest and factually true?

I then took it upon myself to dig further and now believe no less than four journalists employed by the News and Post have regularly provided the blog with stories, some that even appeared on the blog before they appeared in either newspaper. It’s said locally that some journalists are having to do some work instead of reading the blog to look for stories.

So now we have a better understanding of why the local press wouldn’t publish. Fortunately for us at the end of last year a new local news letter was born, ‘The Colwyn Bay Chronicle’, the editor of which spoke with me and asked if he could print this whole unsavoury affair in his first issue.

That issue came out this month, since then the repercussions have begun, David Jones has phoned several individuals connected with myself accusing my wife and I of all sorts. At this point I find myself asking what this man has got to hide apart from the fact that he has regularly assisted in the authorship of blog.

What I would ask the reader to consider here are a few interesting facts, firstly why would a man who has held a political seat for the last ten years and was once secretary state for Wales bother to phone me (a nobody) on Monday 3rd of November of last year, converse with me for forty minutes, continually professing his innocence so far as having anything to do with the Thoughts of Oscar blog? If he were innocent he would, if I had accused him of involvement, just tell me to go away and prove my accusations, or even not bother phoning me at all. Then secondly Mr Jones went onto invite me and my wife to meet with him in his constituency office only to spend another 57 minutes trying to convince me of his non involvement, why would an innocent man do that?

Thirdly we were then invited to his business partners office, Mr Dylan Moore only to be subjected to another two hours of Mr Moore professing his non involvement with the blog, why would these so called eminent members of society do that?

I have since discovered that David Jones MP has colluded with North Wales Police to affect a local business and he has also used his judicial connections to affect the outcome of several high profile court cases!!

Last week a local couple who had previously been wrongly accused of mortgage fraud attended the high court in London to request leave on the proceeds of crime judgement previously ordered against them.

Not only is there at this moment an appeal against their convictions waiting to be heard but there is an ongoing investigation into the authorship of the Thoughts of Oscar blog, which if the police have done their job properly should result in prosecutions against the authors, resulting in people like the couple I’m referring to being able to get their trials re examined, mainly down to the fact that while their trail and others were in progress the authors of the blog were publishing extremely defamatory and untrue posts that would have had a detrimental effect on the outcome of their jury’s decision.

When the couple in question attended the court of appeal it was only their appeal amongst all the others heard that day that the appeal judges would not give leave to, yet a rapist was allowed leave, a man with many previous convictions who had robbed somebody whilst holding a machete at their throat was allowed to have leave but this couple who had been wrongly convicted of a crime that had no victim or complainee and had appeals in motion were point blankly refused and now stand to lose their home.

Yesterday I received this:   “Corruption in the highest court in the country the senior appeal court judge at the hearing for Mr and Mrs ………. appeal was none other than Judge Nigel Anthony Davies friend of David Jones and also worked under him as a circuit judge in Wales” at this point I have to tell you that during that 57 minute interview I had with David Jones he twice clearly threatened Mr ………. saying he would sort out……….. in his own way!

Some might say coincidence, no it’s corruption.

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