Letter of Support

The following letter was sent in after our recent leaflet drop in the local area, many thanks to all who took the time to offer their support, take the time to talk about our aims etc.


I just wanted to contact you to congratulate you for your continuing efforts regarding this disgraceful blog and to wish you well in your future endeavours.
As a member of Llandudno Town Council and a former employee of Janet Finch-Saunders A.M., I was occasionally targeted by these anonymous cowards for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Indeed, individuals would actually say to me that I should sue the authors for what they were saying.
I have to admit that one of the reasons I left the service of the Welsh Assembly member was because of the stress that this situation was causing.
Though, unfortunately, this blog can be viewed as an inevitable consequence of our somewhat sick society, there must still be some decency that individuals can rely on to redress the situation. I applaud you in endeavouring to ensure that this can be remedied.
All the very best,
Michael Williams.

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