Conclusions Of North Wales Police

North Wales police recently concluded their investigation into the many counts of stalking and slander conducted by the authors of the Thoughts of Oscar Blog and concluded that the hundreds of vile and vitriolic comments aimed at others with the sole intention of causing discord and distress, did not reach the threshold for conviction.

The investigation was conducted by DC Chris Walsh and overseen by DS John Hanson.

Last Thursday my wife and myself met with DC Chris Walsh and DS John Hanson to discuss their conclusions, during that meeting we asked some relevant questions regarding some of the comments made via the blog and its authors.

  1. The blogs authors stated that parents of disabled children were selfish to bring them into this world and that the children were a drain on society.

We have a disabled child and found this very upsetting and grossly offensive, DS Hanson’s reply in response was ‘well that may have offended you but others reading it may not have found it offensive’.

  1. We went on to present another comment made a minimum of two times and aimed at a local gay man and a taxi driver, ‘this guy needs a cap up his arse’ (this is a homophobic hate comment).

DS Hanson’s response was, ‘well that’s not really relevant and might only be offensive to you, therefore not reaching the threshold’.

These two comments are extremely mild by comparison with the many others published on this blog and its twitter account, but very relevant.

Is DS Hanson implying then that if you call a gay man a ‘homo’ or a ‘bender’ then that’s ok because only he might be offended?

Or is it ok to call a black man a ‘Nig Nog’ or a ‘Darky’ because only he or other black people would be offended?

What happened to the rights of gay people and disabled children? In the case of this blog and its authors?

We then went on to point out an email from PC Cawood of North Wales Police, sent to one of the blog victims early last year, where PC Cawood explains to the victim ‘we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site’ (users meaning authors/contributors) ‘but it has been impossible to PROVE the identity of those responsible’.

We asked why then on 09-09-2014, when Nigel Roberts admitted to being the sole author behind this blog, did you not arrest him? We got no reply.

Clearly North Wales Police are refusing to prosecute, why?

Is it because Nigel Roberts was a police informant, as stated by his solicitor Mr Dylan Moore in a recorded meeting?

Or is it because David Jones MP for Clwyd West was a regular contributor/author to the blog? As stated by Dylan Moore his business partner in a recorded meeting.

Or is it because Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Inspector Ian Verburg along with other North Wales Police officers have clearly been complicit with the blog and its authors.

We are now appealing this decision and have contacted legal experts in this field to continue our fight for justice and the truth.

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