The Aftermath

Who is left picking up the pieces when the relevant authorities refuse to act against the perpetrators of a crime?

The victims that’s who. We see it all too often, in the cases of children who should have had the appropriate protection long before their appalling deaths, whether it is by the hand of their parents or another.

Rape victims where the accusation of rape is not investigated thoroughly, perhaps because the victim is already known to the police for whatever reason.

Hate crimes, how often do we read about victims of hate crimes/bullying committing suicide because they just cannot get the help and justice they deserve?

This is all too familiar, but in the case of the victims of Oscar there are more sinister powers at work.

The ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ blog as those of you familiar with this saga will know, has since 2007 sought to cause misery and pain to hundred of individuals and families, yet although many complaints were presented to North Wales Police and in many cases with compelling evidence, none of these complaints were ever investigated, in fact North Wales Police chose to close their eyes completely, telling all the blogs victims that they were ‘not aware of the blogs authors and don’t read the site’.

It was not until Guto Bebb our local MP, took up the mantle and raised the issue in the House of Commons on 09-09-2014, that North Wales Police were instructed to investigate the complaints brought to their attention over the last seven years.

Some readers may say ‘but Guto Bebb apologised’, he did not, he was forced to partially retract his statement (the part where he accuses Dylan Moore, a solicitor and business partner to David Jones MP of being one of the blogs authors) because our local Welsh Assembly member and very ambitious lady Janet Finch Saunders, conspired with Dylan Moore and David Jones MP to accuse Mr Bebb of having already stated in public about Dylan Moore’s involvement, which potentially opened Mr Bebb up to a very expensive liable case.

The Police investigation concluded last month with the overseeing officer DS John Hanson saying that in his opinion none of the evidence presented to him reached the threshold for prosecution. Thus presenting the authors of this blog a free hand to taunt and defame all its existing victims and anymore future ones.

As I have already stated in my last article my wife & I met with Mr Hanson and the investigating officer, DC Chris Walsh to discuss their findings.

We asked both these officers what evidence they used to arrive at their conclusions, they replied that they only used the evidence the victims presented them with!

We then asked did you take the computers belonging to Nigel Roberts (The Blogs main author) in order that you could examine the archives of the blog, they replied no, we would have to make an arrest to seize somebody’s computers. This is totally untrue, if a police officer believes a crime has or may be committed and evidence can be sought from a computer they can easily obtain a warrant to seize a person’s computers, so why did they not do so?

We asked if Nigel Roberts was spoken to under caution, they said no, was he interviewed properly, they said no, but we spoke to him.

So we have to conclude that North Wales Police had no interest in the pursuance of Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno or his co authors, why?

Well there is the big question, why? When it is clear this blog is responsible for hateful homophobic comments, hateful comments against disabled children, threats made against many of its victims, but none more so than Jonathan Williams, who shortly after being threatened by David Nigel Roberts’ old school friend Mr Steven Dickens, took his own life.

The authorship of the blog maligned deceased relatives of those it chose to attack, belittled and named the children of those it chose to attack, forced one business to close by accusing the owner of being a peeping tom and ran a gay man out of Conwy for speaking out against the blog.

The above are just a few examples of the awful behaviour that  DC Chris Walsh and DS John Hanson of North Wales Police say does not reach the threshold for prosecution.

It beggars belief.

During that meeting DS Hanson accused me of behaving in a similar manner to those responsible for the blog, saying and I quote ‘we could arrest you’, why? I don’t use a pseudonym, I only ever quote fact and never defame, yet they feel they can arrest me but not Nigel Roberts,  who has clearly defamed, harassed and published hate comments to many individuals over a seven year period.

Then DS Hanson says he can come and take my computer, why? I have not been arrested. Yet, he stated earlier he would have to make an arrest before seizing someone’s computer, he really ought to make up his mind.

This investigation was a farce, we are appealing the decision, we have contacted a professional in this field to assist in our pursuance of the authorship behind this blog and the obvious police collusion.

We will not let this lie and those responsible should be punished.

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