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Since the formation of our action group we both as a group and individuals have been subjected to harassment by those involved with Thoughts Of Oscar, namely Nigel Roberts, the self confessed author, via various pseudonyms on social media, alongside that we have also had to fend off various attempts to discredit members of our group.

It is common knowledge that some of our members have been convicted of crimes and sent to prison as a result, the most high profile being the case in 2010 against Michael and Anita Creamer. Some people, David Jones MP and Dylan Moore, who have both been involved with the Thoughts Of Oscar Blog have tried to imply that Michael and Anita’s prosecution taints our group and our aims.

No matter what the pasts of any person involved with our group we all came together because we have all been affected by the blog and its authors/contributors, if North Wales Police had done their job in a professional and correct fashion when they were informed of the harassment and defamation inflicted upon members of our group then things would never have come to this.

North Wales Police have conspired with the authorship of the blog over the years so it was never in their interest to peruse any investigation against the blog or its authors, in the words of Dylan Moore, Nigel Roberts’ solicitor, “I asked Nigel if he passed information on to the police, he replied yes he did” (we have the conversation recorded and transcribed).

North Wales Police have been reported to the IPCC for their lack of integrity and professionalism by no less than fifteen complainants regarding the blog. David Jones Solicitors of which Dylan Moore is a partner have been reported to the law society, both the IPCC and the law society have a terrible record in pursuing complaints brought to their attention as demonstrated by this website,

Then we have the CPS. Since September last year there has been a fresh investigation by North Wales Police into all the complaints made against the blog and its authors over the last seven years, it’s only fair to point out that each and every complaint brought to the attention of North Wales Police since 2007 had been dealt with in the same fashion with all the complainants being told that the police new nothing of the blog our its authors and there was nothing they could do, yet it’s on record that during the trial of Michael and Anita Creamer back in 2010, the presiding judge ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to talk with the authors of the Thoughts of Oscar Blog asking them not to publish any more comments regarding Mr and Mrs Creamer for the duration of the trial and to remove those already printed.

Within two hours of the order North Wales Police spoke with the authors and all comments were removed, DC Don Kenyon then returned to court and swore an oath that this was the case.

This begs the question of how were North Wales Police were able to achieve this in such a short space of time yet between 2007 and 2014 all complainants were told that the police had no knowledge of the blog or its authors?

Coming back to the CPS, the reinvestigation by the police has now concluded and it’s understood that their report now lies in the hands of the CPS. It is our belief that the CPS will be encouraged to take no further action as to do the contrary would only serve to expose the corruption within the ranks of North Wales Police, making this investigation another expensive waste of taxpayers money all designed to cover up more police corruption. If Nigel Roberts were quite rightly to be prosecuted that would then open the floodgates into the obvious police collusion and corruption, allowing many people to appeal decisions made by North Wakes Police and the CPS, not least Michael and Anita Creamer who would have an automatic right to a reinvestigation into their respective trials back in 2010 and rightly so.

There is no way the corrupt institution that is the North Wales Police could allow that to happen.

Is it any wonder there is little or no faith in our judicial system?

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